Interserve Job Openings Data Feeds v2 (Jan 2012)

The URL is structured /feed-v2/[format]/name/[feed-name](/[parameter-name]/[parameter-value])*


Feed Name Description Allowed Parameters
apinews Notification of changes to this API, new features, service notices. limit
country List of known Countries used in Jobs
duration List of known Job durations eg Short Term
job Job Openings region, duration, profession, country, keyword, status, limit
office Contact information for our offices worldwide
profession List of known Professions, used in Jobs, Stories, Prayer Requests
publication Obsolete: will return empty list
region List of known geographic regions (used to group Countries)
statistics A few numbers
story Stories of people in mission region, profession, keyword, theme, limit
vision Obsolete: will return empty list


Data for all [feed-name]s is available in all [format]s. Formats are:

HTML in a standard format using html5 data-* attributes. Items are styled so you can format and alter position with CSS
JSON: (Javascript Object Notation) for AJAX calls to load and dynamically format the data. Add a parameter /callback/[your-callback-name] to get a JSONP response
RSS 2.0: for feed readers or content management systems
download the data in csv format: titles in first row, one record per row
crude xml with no dtd

If you need an additional format, please contact the International Office.


Parameters are specified in two parts of the url path: /[parameter-name]/[parameter-value].

Parameters are all optional, can appear in any order, may be a single value or comma separated list, must be URL encoded. Each [feed-name] defines its own set of allowed parameters.

5 or fewer items will be returned. Items are sorted newest first. The default is 0, which returns all matching records
Returns only those jobs/stories/etc matching countries in the list. You can add as many countries as you like separated by commas (do not add whitespace around the commas) or for brevity you can use the Country ID. The default is to return items from all countries. Note that items in sensitive countries may use the region name (eg Arab World) instead of the real country name.
/region/Arab World
Like for Country
Like for Country. Some professions have a / in them: encode the slash like this: .
/duration/Long Term
Like for Country
Include one or more comma separated status flags to display only jobs with that status.
Return only jobs/stories/etc where the keyword is included in the name or description (case insensitive). Include one or more comma separated keywords to required the text to contain all matching terms (logical AND).


/feed-v2/html/name/country returns the list of all countries

/feed-v2/html/name/job/limit/5/country/Nepal/status/salaried returns the most recent 5 salaried jobs in Nepal (if any)

/feed-v2/html/name/job/keyword/teach,esl returns jobs with the words esl and teach in them (if any)

/feed-v2/html/name/story/limit/3/region/Arab+World returns the most recent 3 stories in the Arab World


This is intended to be a low volume feed. Where possible, we would prefer you to cache the data locally on your own server and only refresh from here at most once or twice a day. Job Openings tend to be the most popular item on a site, and if this server is required to handle several small requests for each page visit on every ISV site worldwide, we will need to spend too much on hosting and bandwidth. High bandwidth consumers will be blocked without notice.